About us

The native AI consulting company

From developing data strategies to leading their implementation, we focus on challenging data science and engineering projects. From developing a real-time fraud detection application on Google Cloud, to setting up a customised recommender engine in Azure. Our team of talented data scientists, engineers and analytics translators always delivers.

We are a team of independent craftsmen. Entrepreneurial, ambitious, and dedicated to get the job done! We believe in a sustainable data-driven world full of exciting opportunities for people, society and business. Contributing to this revolutionary change in a positive way, is what drives us.

Staying curious and sharing knowledge is the key to growth and success. It is present in everything we do. From passionate Xpert Sessions to an entire dedicated Xomnia Academy which educates everyone who is in need of developing their data related capacities.

We embrace the journey, the adventure. An experience of growth and development. Help us shape the future, together!