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We are delighted to welcome Tim Paauw and Jasper Küller to team Xomnia!

Merry Christmas

Data & Drinks: a webinar about a Software Engineer’s field report of data science projects

By Özgün Alan Senior Software Engineer at eBay

Responsible AI: a webinar session about sustainable & climate AI

By Angela Fan, Peter van der Putten and Jeroen van der Most

We have strengthened our team

A warm welcome to Cheryl Zandvliet, David Kroon, Gijs Romme, Eelke van der Horst, Fried Schölvinck a...

Xpert insight: the journey of our Chief Data Scientist

A blog by Marius Helf

Responsible AI: a webinar session about Responsible IT

By Nanda Piersma lecturer Responsible IT at the HvA

Eelke van der Horst has joined us to lead the Xomnia Academy

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