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Develop your data solution

Xomnia’s experts can help you develop your data & analytics products from A-Z

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Get in touch for a customized consultation

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We had a very successful experiment on lead generating solution, but the still-experimental technique held us down from further scaling the solution. With the help of Xomnia, we were able to refactor the solution in a highly scalable modular solution that is scaled all over our Dutch branches.

Anne ReuverPrincipal ICT Manager at Randstad

Enexis aims to build their data science capabilities within the organization to become independent of external parties. Alongside creating value through use cases, Xomnia delivered the expertise that helped in building and organizing the team, together with creating value through use cases

Jaap KohlmannSr. DSO architect at Enexis

By delivering a number of state-of-the-art models and implementing our decision-making process, Xomnia made life easier and better for both our customers and HEMA.

Bas KarsemeijerHead of data at HEMA

Existing DIR approaches are single-objective and notoriously hard to tune, impeding their clinical use. In this project, we develop a novel, multi-objective approach to DIR to remove this problem, introducing new models and making synergies with machine learning and biomechanical modeling to account for large deformations.

Dr. Tanja AlderliestenAssociate Professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Leiden University Medical Center
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