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Question about data platforms? Get in touch
Question about data platforms? Get in touch

How to build data infrastructure or pipelines?

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How do data platforms help your organization?

A data platform brings all your relevant data sources together in a centralized place and manner (single source of truth), from which you can drive business processes or run analytics.

Single Source of Truth

Storing diverse data and data sources in a single source of truth

Cost optimization

Increasing efficiency and reducing (operational) costs within your organization

Advanced analytics

Generating value from data by turning it into reports, analyses or models

Data security

Monitoring application health, performance and security in a centralized manner


Supporting your data engineering teams in their core activities

Single Source of Truth

Storing diverse data and data sources in a single source of truth

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But don’t just take our word for it. Here's what clients have to say:

We worked with different consultants from Xomnia, who have shown craftsmanship in their work, depth in their knowledge, clarity in communication and love for a challenge

AHProduct Owner at Albert Heijn

Working together with Xomnia on a shared understanding of the challenges is key to the successful development of a single source of truth.

Eke van Riel Senior IT Project Manager at DAF Used Trucks

The architecture we built with Xomnia gives us a headstart for the analytic challenges we will face over the coming years.

Huub StamManager Data Analytics at a.s.r. asset management

HEMA wants to improve the daily lives of its customers. To support decision making by people and processes, our team democratizes data and insights available in our cloud data and analytics platform. Xomnia plays a crucial role in this migration.

Bas KarsemeijerHead of Data & Analytics at Hema
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