Thu Oct 20 2022

Xomnia names Jordi Hompes new chief executive officer

We are happy to announce that IT veteran Jordi Hompes, who joined Xomnia as a chief of operations earlier this year, has been named Xomnia's new CEO. This announcement comes only a few months ahead of Xomnia’s 10th anniversary, which we will celebrate in February 2023.

“Over the past decade, Xomnia transformed into a market leader and partner to many of the biggest names in the Netherlands and beyond,” said Ollie Dapper, Xomnia’s co-founder. “As we enter a new decade, naming Jordi as our CEO comes as a step towards achieving our company’s full potential, through further professionalizing our operations and organization.”

Jordi brings with him over 15 years of experience at IBM, Valori and other IT companies, next to his entrepreneurial and people skills. This combination of no-nonsense yet accessible mindset made him a natural fit into Xomnia’s management team, which also consists of our Chief Commercial Officer Annemieke Los, and Chief Technology Officer Tim Paauw.

Achieving our full potential

“I am very happy for the opportunity to work as Xomnia’s CEO, for many reasons that begin with how immensely interesting the field of data and AI is,” commented Jordi. “Even though I worked at several IT companies that serve a wide range of solutions, I always felt fascinated by AI, an ever-growing world with a lot of opportunities, challenging assignments, and most importantly, smart people.”

Together with Jordi, our management team will continue focusing on three important pillars of growth to achieve Xomnia’s fullest potential: Keeping our position as one of the leading consulting firms in the field of data & AI, growing our portfolio of strategic and impactful client projects, and keeping Xomnia the best place to work for top talents in our market.

“I love working with people who share a common goal, and I feel that Xomnia is the right place to fulfill that,” added Jordi. “Here, you find a group of dedicated professionals who want to make a positive impact and seize the opportunities that data and AI provide” Jordi added.


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