Mon Sep 27 2021

Xomnia and Enexis deliver a presentation at the world’s first climate action summit

Xomnia, the leading AI consultancy in the Netherlands, is giving a presentation alongside Enexis, one of the largest operators of the electricity grid in the Netherlands, at the T-30 Stream Summit. The T-30 Stream Summit is the world’s first climate action summit, which will take place in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam under the umbrella of the World Summit AI.

The presentation will be given by Tim Paauw, Xomnia's CTO, Thijs Kamperman, Product Owner of the Grid Forecasts Energy Transition at Enexis Group, and Martijn Beeks, Machine Learning Engineer at Xomnia. It will discuss how the grid operator utilized Xomnia’s machine learning expertise to create a model that uses unsupervised machine learning to estimate with more accuracy how sustainable energy technologies, particularly electric vehicles, will impact the power grid in the long-term future.

Xomnia’s Machine Learning Engineer Martjn Beeks will explain the factors that the algorithm analyzes as it makes its predictions, and how Dutch grid operator Enexis uses those predictions to make data-informed decisions regarding future enhancements of the grid.

“We invest millions of Euros a year on the electricity grid to meet consumers’ demand, but we’re facing challenges brought by a larger number of electric vehicles and other technologies that are connected to the grid, in addition to shortages in human capital and resources,” said Thijs Kamperman from Enexis.

“Traditionally, we relied on linearity to predict what will happen in the coming years, but since all the challenges are too big, we started a few years ago with this project, and have been using it in our grid planning since it went into production this year,” he adds.

“It is really interesting for Xomnia to give Enexis the technical assistance to tackle the challenges that come with the transition to renewable energy, which has been going on for many years already,” said Xomnia’s Tim Paauw. “The Netherlands still has a long way to go to be among the top countries in the EU in terms of reliance on sustainable sources of energy, and we will continue our cooperation with Enexis to enable this with analytics.”

Xomnia is also one of the sponsors of the World Summit AI 2021. For more information about the event's schedule, click here.