Our story

A brief look at Xomnia's history


2022 begins the same way 2021 ended, with Xomnia thriving in a somewhat overheated market. Despite strengthening the team with double digits in the last quarters, we can barely keep up with the market’s demand. At the moment, we have about 80 passionate colleagues, representing 13 nationalities. Do you have what it takes to be part of this journey? Visit our career page and check if your dream opportunity is among them!

Given our firm belief that growth should never come at the expense of quality or company culture, the ongoing professionalization of Xomnia to organize all developments smoothly remains an absolute top priority. In light of this, 2022 is also the year in which the Management Team, supported by the rest of the Xomnians, has taken over all operational and the final responsibilities from the founders. The founders remain involved at the Xomnia Group level, focusing on venture building activities and the strategic direction to be taken in a consolidating and capital-intensive market.

Meanwhile, our venture Shipping Technology (est. 2018), is making great strides to help the inland shipping industry move forward, making it more efficient, cleaner and safer. More than 100 ships are now connected to its core product, the Brain Box (formerly known as Black Box Pro). This server, which is installed on board of ships, creates a real time digital twin in the cloud for inland vessels. This platform enables the development of more advanced solutions - e.g. collision detections systems - and thus provides an essential basis for Shipping Technology's end goal: delivering robust autonomous technology.

Soon Shipping Technology will launch a solution called autonomous lane assist (ALA), a first stepping stone in that journey. Exciting stuff ahead!


After a challenging year, Xomnia welcomed 2021 for the first time with a team smaller than that of the previous year - but in good spirits, and from a strong base. As one of the few companies in the market that is independent of investors, venture capital, or ties to a larger firm, Xomnia remains primarily driven by its core values, and the desire to help our customers create impact with AI, without pressure from third parties.

To ensure that we remain at the forefront of data & AI consultancy, we started the year by reinforcing our management team with a new CTO and Xomnia's first Chief of Operations. In addition, we strengthened our A-Team with an experienced digital strategy manager to take our strategy and project propositions to the next level. As the economy returned to full throttle in our field, Xomnia soon resumed its pattern of solid growth as the year went by.

In the same spirit of taking things to the next level, we welcomed Machine Learning Engineers to our new traineeship setup, designed for professionals with hands-on experience in data science and data engineering. With around 20 new colleagues joining us directly in the first year, there proved to be a lot of interest in this program.

Our goal of creating a positive impact with AI remains central to what we do. To raise awareness about this topic, we launched the Responsible AI series, a webinar series where we invite guests to discuss the responsible use and applications of AI. In light of working on socially responsible projects, we intensified our collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup, and continued our support for the MODIR project. We have also begun empowering Polars, a groundbreaking project initiated by one of our colleagues. Through our contribution to Polars, we aim to give something back to the open source community and support the passion of one of our colleagues, something that we value at Xomnia.


AKA the year of COVID-19...  Just like the rest of the world, Xomnia was forced to adapt to the new reality. This resulted in a reset of our traineeship activities, a leaner team, and the launch of our Machine Learning Engineering program.

At the other end of the spectrum, Xomnia’s core team with medior and senior consultants continues to grow solidly to meet the still increasing demand for our project, consulting and training activities. Thanks to your trust, we carry on moving forward!

One of this year’s highlights is partnering with The Ocean Cleanup to make their data ingestion infrastructure future-proof by building a scalable data streaming platform.

On the venture side, we are happy to see Shipping Technology taking off! We connected over 50 ships to its technology, built its own team, brought in investors and made the company more standalone. Part of that was leaving the Xomnia office. It is difficult to let your baby go, but Rotterdam, the maritime center of the world, is the best place for her to grow up...

Team members: 70


Our traineeship formula has become the Junior Development Program. We have taken onboard our 100th junior! We have also brought our project activities to the next level by launching them in an X-Force project setup: A multidisciplinary A-Team that brings together business consultancy, data engineering and data science skills to help the market with their AI development challenges. If you have a problem, and have no indoor help, and if you can’t find the help you need....maybe you can hire.

For the third consecutive year, we have become a top 100 player in the FD Gazellen Awards. We still are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, growing at double digits rate whilst maintaining healthy margins, independence, and the original Xomnia culture with a canal house full of exceptionally talented colleagues and many great moments.

Meanwhile Shipping Technology is taking off at a solid pace with its groundbreaking technology. Highlight of this year without a doubt is B.A. Baraccus joining us with his “A-Team” van to promote our X-Force project proposition! Or maybe the highlight was our Xomnia Xmas Party.

Team members: 89


Our fifth year anniversary was quite a year!! We celebrated this milestone with Xomnia Fest, our first very own mini-festival, and a trip to Disneyland. How’s that for starters!

Business is still running well but competition is starting to increase. The market has become pretty crowded with Xomnians. We have decided to leverage our experience, and focus on executing our clients’ data-driven strategy’ all the way to production in order to drive the impact our clients are looking for. To boost this focus on actual impact, on value creation, we're introducing a new blood type into our core team: analytics translators.

In Summer we launched “ Shipping Technology”. The first (semi-)autonomous shipping technology company. It originated from our self driving boat project, and was launched as a joint venture with an innovative inland shipping expert “Shipping Factory”. An exciting new start-up, and Xomnia’s first venture!

Team members: 66


People often say breaking the 50 persons team size barrier comes with challenges and we found this to be true. We opened up two extra floors at our HQ and are focusing more attention on our internal organisation.

We have optimised our processes and defined our longer term strategy. Systems have been put in place to track business development, market exposure, team performance, and much more. Despite our growing pains, we hit a major milestone: Xomnia was awarded for being one of the 10 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Sailing the canals with our “lifeboat” proved to be challenging. We started a project to make it self-driving. In December 2017 we made the national news with a working demo of this new technology which was named by some media as the ‘Tesla of the waterway’.

We have celebrated 2017 as the year of Xomnia’s breakthrough and can’t wait to continue this exciting rollercoaster that Xomnia has become.

Team members: 50


Our decision to focus on sharing knowledge in all that we do is starting to pay off. We have launched another service: Xomnia’s data science traineeship. Something completely new within our industry. It helps our clients to build up their own data science teams whilst being backed-up by the knowledge and experience gained by Xomnia in its consultancy, training and project organisation. A great differentiator, as well as an entire new market was created within the field of data science.

A major investment in additional senior data scientists and engineers has built a solid foundation under all our offered services. We have united all this knowledge in our ‘core team’.

We mustn’t forget to mention that the old steel boat, used to enjoy Friday afternoon beers on the Amsterdam canals, started to lack enough space for our growing team. So we have now changed it for an old lifeboat, painted it Xomnia blue, and finished the job with putting our logo on it. This old blue lifeboat will hopefully soon become one of our trademarks.

Team members: 35


Data & AI capabilities are gradually becoming a strategic asset in organizations. The importance of sharing knowledge is becoming evident. We are making it one of our core values. We started with project handovers, but this was soon followed by offering a new service: big data training programs. Our clients have asked if they can also assign our people to their own projects, and we have decided to partner up, and offer them these consultancy services thus sharing knowledge, skills and development power. This enables us to get to know them better, to understand their challenges, and to proactively offer data driven solutions, fuelling us with new market opportunities.

Team members: 11


Xomnia is enjoying its cosy office, 60m2 next to Leidseplein, to be doubled at the end of the year. Launching the envisioned product to market in a SaaS setup has proven to be a great challenge.

We have encountered the market’s need for tailor-made ‘big data’ solution developments. A difficult decision has been made: we have decided to drop our own product development and focus on the market demand: big data projects. We have now branded ourselves as Xomnia - Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence.

Bringing all kinds of data together in order to gain predictive insights is becoming our focus. Xomnia has also scored its first text mining project. We are proud to start working together with giants like TUI and Randstad.

Another milestone, Xomnia has won its first prize: a summer evening soccer competition. Not so much related to its business but still a nice milestone! 🙂 A team of Xomnians still takes part in the weekly Footy competition today.


It all started with the vision of developing a one size fits all SaaS product to convert social media data into sales leads and other actionable insights. We took off with a team of 3 founders, of whom William and Ollie are still in charge, and hired our first data scientist and data engineer Jayke. Later to be nicknamed, Jayke Data Lake, and still at Xomnia today!

Without much budget, our strategy was to grow along with the product development for our launching customers, Samsung and Cheaptickets.nl. The actionable insight for the latter, in the field of product recommendation, would become our first predictive model development!