Providing text-mining and NLP for the landing pages of eFaqt

Xomnia successfully delivered our vision on how to make our content even more accessible in a tailor-made text mining solution. Thanks for helping us out!
Christiaan Henny, Founder, eFaqt

eFaqt is a portal on which students can study their textbooks with speed learning techniques such as mind mapping, effective reading  patterns, and optimized review methodologies. In eFaqt, students make flashcards and notes. To extend their service, eFaqt wanted to create landing pages on their website that contain content related to a specific topic based on content that was provided by the users while studying: a bit like a Wikipedia page, but with flashcards, not just text. This would allow eFaqt to attract more users via SEO-optimized landing pages.

Xomnia performed text mining on a large dataset of user-created  flashcards of textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, articles, classes, etc. After in-depth natural language analyses, Xomnia extracted keywords and structured the data into topics and subtopics. Now, eFaqt is able to provide content landing pages that answer all questions related to a certain topic.