Predicting the day value of cars for Geelen Projects

Xomnia offers our conservative automotive branch a new view on innovation. We look at their ideas as thinking different or out of the box. They are not distracted by a legacy of business approaches in our branch  from the past. Their primary focus and effort goes into working fast, with focus and youthful enthusiasm. The result is a fast and inspiring learning process, with sometimes disappointing but often amazing results. Always hire guys smarter than you.
Joop Geelen, Owner, Geelen Projects

Geelen Projects focuses on the implementation and support of ICT processes in the car sale sector. They asked Xomnia to explore their possibilities for predicting the day value of cars. Xomnia successfully built a highly accurate predictive model. This model utilises machine-learning methods to identify which characteristics of a car indicate the day value. Furthermore, cars that show ‘similar’  characteristics and prices could be identified.