Juniors help ProRail with prediction models

"Xomnia has helped us with setting up our DataLab, by providing junior data scientists and infrastructure expertise.
Paul van der Voort, Program manager DataLab

ProRail is the infrastructure manager of the Dutch Railways. Xomnia has helped the company in developing predictive models for two kinds of rail disturbances: rail defects and trespassers (people along the track).

The trespasser dashboards predict the days and locations with an increased risk of people along the track (prohibited), based on numerous data sources, such as locations of schools, holidays, weather, etc. With this dashboard, ProRail can focus their surveillance capacity more effectively.

The predictive models for rail defects identify spots in the railway network with a high risk of cracks in the rail and subsidence of the track, based on several data sources of track condition and influencers. Next to this, Xomnia advised ProRail in the setup of their big data platform.