Designing a custom training for Risk Management at ABN AMRO

Xomnia’s Big Data Fundamentals has shown us that building predictive models starts with both business and data understanding and thus it should be a team effort of data scientists and risk managers. Thanks to Xomnia’s theoretical explanation and hands-on practice our risk managers are now able to ask our data scientists the right questions and understand their possible answers. But more importantly, our risk managers have discovered that data scientists completely rely on them for business understanding. This business understanding sets the framework, guidelines, and borders for the creation of a successful model. Thus, the Big Data Fundamentals also revealed its own worth in the process.
Michiel Pfauth, RM&S Commercial Clients

ABN AMRO Bank is one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands. Xomnia trained over 50 members of their Risk Management teams in the principles of Big Data and the opportunities big data offers them.