Supporting the Municipality of Amsterdam with machine learning expertise

We are very satisfied with Xomnia’s involvement in projects for our city Amsterdam. Xomnia has provided expertise in machine learning and econometrics to create predictive models. We use these models to make our services like handing out social benefits, more data-driven.
Tamas Erkelens, Program Manager, Data Innovation

Gemeente Amsterdam is working together with Xomnia in numerous projects. The role of Xomnia in the collaboration is providing extra capacity and expertise at Datalab Amsterdam through our consultancy and training services. Datalab Amsterdam is collaborating closely with Amsterdam Smart City.

The team is collecting and analysing relevant data sources such as: public transport, parking and data in the social domain.  Xomnia uses its deep knowledge of machine learning to build algorithms that model different predictive solutions in Amsterdam. This is leading to a more responsive city that uses data to achieve citizens' wishes.