The data science behind the NS International website

We helped NS International use data science to get more people to choose international trains for traveling in Europe.

Both juniors are smart, creative young professionals and very pleasant to work with. We use the insights we gather from their analyses and predictions to set up A/B tests and customer interviews. This leads to improvements to the website as well as the bookings and to relevant travel recommendations to our customers.
Tina Gremmen, online salesmanager


NS International wants people to choose international trains for traveling in Europe. That's because these trains are the most environmentally friendly means of transport across Europe. A seamless website experience is the main goal. The Conversion Team creates hypotheses and designs A/B tests for validation. The hypotheses are based on customer insights derived from behavioral data, surveys and psychology. Good data analysis is key.


NS International was assisted by two Xomnia junior data scientists. One junior is now employed by NS International as an innovation expert. The second junior was already fully up to speed in a few months. Xomnia has intensively trained and coached the juniors as part of the junior development program. Every Friday they go off to the Xomnia HQ in the center of Amsterdam for technical support from the Xomnia data science team.