Who betrayed Anne Frank? A cold case diary

As an advisory partner to this project, we are guiding the investigators on how to use and structure the available data in their research. Moreover, we are providing insights to the team on the possibilities that current artificial intelligence technologies bring. For example, to automatically connect people, events, and places. We hope that this way we can find new and important clues to understand what actually happened in the weeks preceding the arrest of the Frank family on August 4, 1944. And, to eventually be able to confidently identify who, or what, betrayed the people in hiding.
Robbert van Hintum, Lead data scientist at Xomnia

Vince Pankoke is a recently retired undercover FBI agent who is looking into what led to the capturing of the Van Pels family, the Frank family, and Fritz Pfeffer. On August 4, 1944, after more than two years in hiding, they were discovered. What led to the raid is still unclear. Betrayal seemed to be the only logical conclusion, but who did it, and why? Previously, investigations were done by writers, journalists and historians without the use of artificial intelligence. Xomnia’s challenge is to provide expert guidance on how the research team can use their data to support their search with the help of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence.

Can big data help finding out what led to the discovery of the Frank family and the others hiding in the annex on August 4, 1944?

The challenge

After the war, sole survivor Otto Frank pushed for an investigation into who had given the Nazi’s information that led to their discovery. There was no conclusive evidence, and the case remained unsolved. Vince Pankoke has formed a team of forensic investigators who will use cold case techniques supported by artificial intelligence to try and establish who did it. The Dutch police, the municipality of Amsterdam and various international institutions are cooperating and have made their archives available. Xomnia’s role in this is at an advisory level so they can figure out how to use their data to assist the investigation.

The results

In 2021, a book will be released which will delve into what led to the raid of the Secret Annex.

For more information please visit the website Cold Case Diary: Anne Frank

Cold case-team onderzoekt verraad Anne Frank: ‘Er is nooit een antwoord gekomen’, AT5 Oktober 3th, 2017