QlikView app for Janssen & Fritsen

It's a pleasure working together with Xomnia. Their fast response solving issues and willingness to share knowledge makes them valuable as an analytics partner.
Carl Padberg, Senior AX/ERP Specialist JF Group

Janssen & Fritsen focuses on physical education. Their quality is well-known, also beyond the domestic borders. They equip schools, sports clubs and kindergartens all over the world and even several Olympic Games with gymnastics apparatuses.

Xomnia built a QlikView* app to consolidate financial reports, enabling J&F to monitor execution and gain insights to help manage and improve overall performance. By sharing knowledge in a tailor-made training program, the internal team is now able to actively develop their own dashboards and analysis.

*QlikView is no longer available to new users. The new platform is called Qlik Sense.