Predicting house prices for Consumatrix

The flexibility of Xomnia has been a great advantage in the development and maintenance of our prediction models. The team knows how to adapt to a changing environment and integrate new gained insights in a flexible way.
Luke Liplijn, Founder & CEO, Consumatrix

Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumer data and predictive models. The company transforms data from open sources, surveys, social media, and enterprise systems into valuable business information and actionable consumer insights that help leading companies.

Xomnia helped develop an API that predicts the value of real estate based on an address. The API is based on a huge database of address characteristics (over 150 million addresses), such as architectural details, house prices, socio-demographic data and detailed location information.

Xomnia also helped to develop and maintain the Credit Risk Analysis which is an API that predicts if a customer is good in terms of the payment risks one is willing to run.