Wed Jun 08 2022

Xomnia and FruitPunch AI partner to support AI for Good

AI consulting firm Xomnia and the global AI for Good community FruitPunch AI are partnering to support each other in using data and AI to create solutions for pressing global problems.

Xomnia vouched to continue encouraging and enabling its artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals to participate in FruitPunch AI's different applied AI challenges. The challenges are focused on solving real-life problems that are directly linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Starting 2021, Xomnia’s machine learning engineers and other data professionals have regularly volunteered to come up with data-driven solutions at FruitPunch AI’s challenges. For example, they participated in the AI for Wildlife Challenge to deliver a model that detects poachers in the Pilanesberg National Reserve in South Africa in real-time. They also participated in the AI for Wind Energy Challenge to develop models that can help in performing predictive maintenance on the blades of wind turbines.

“Sharing knowledge and creating impact are two of our core values at Xomnia, and what better way to do so than by participating in challenges that benefit a good cause?” comments Xomnia’s CTO Tim Paauw. “It is great that we can do so together with FruitPunch AI; this partnership is the natural next step that we're very excited about.”

“FruitPunch AI enables AI talents to solve real-world challenges impacting communities around the world,” adds Buster Franken, Chief Executive Officer at FruitPunch AI. “AI for Good partnerships are essential for developing usable AI solutions that make a real difference. We are very happy to have Xomnia and their ML engineers on board.”

About FruitPunch AI

FruitPunch AI teaches applied AI through crowdsourced AI challenges to find solutions for real-world problems. By developing the FruitPunchAI platform to leverage the AI for Good community, facilitate challenge-based learning and assess AI talent at scale, FruitPunch AI raises a generation of skilled AI engineers of diverse backgrounds and geographies.

About Xomnia

Established in 2013, Xomnia is the leading AI consulting company in the Netherlands. Its team of passionate craftsmen is dedicated to making a positive impact by enabling people, society, and businesses to seize the opportunities that data and AI provide them. To know more about Xomnia’s initiatives that support AI for good, click here.