Tue Oct 04 2016

Wrap up Datathon 'Fully Connected Travelling'

Our Datathon at the Big Data Expo was a great success! Teams of creative artificial intelligence innovators and data scientists put their heads together to create the most time-efficient travel itineraries. The Datathon consisted of a simulation where every team had to write a bot for a travel simulation where every 'tick' (every minute in the simulation) new decisions are made based on the changing situation. The goal was to get passengers to their destinations in time, via various traveling platforms (WEpods, train stations, airports, and soccer stadiums). The winning team, a team from Barcelona, had the best presentation and solution: machine-based learning to create the characteristics for the 'best' travel choice. Although implementation of the model could not be finalized, this team showed the best data-understanding. The movie below gives an impression of the Datathon during the Big Data Expo.