Thu Jan 23 2020

Shipping Technology making waves in the press

Our joint venture Shipping Technology is making headlines yet again. The Dutch business publication, Het Financieele Dagblad, caught up with Xomnia co-founder Ollie Dapper and Remco Pikaart, owner of Shipping Factory, to hear about our collaboration to make the Netherlands a world leader in autonomous shipping.

Ollie and Remco share how their personal and professional journeys led them to autonomous shipping. Remco has a vested interest in saving money and increasing safety for his inland shipping company, Shipping Factory. Ollie describes the challenge born on an Amsterdam canal that led Xomnia to develop a self-driving boat.

The article also provides a future outlook for the technology. Currently, the team is collecting and processing data from the ship in a black box built by Shipping Technology, the Black Box Pro. The system compares that data with the actions the captain performs and learns how to control the ship. A huge amount of data is required, so Shipping Technology has also asked the government for a license to test the software over a longer period.

Read the full FD Dagblad article, here (in Dutch).