Fri Sep 19 2014

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We are delighted to mention that Xomnia last week put its collaboration with IIR into practice by giving a training at BrandLoyalty!

Institute for International Research

IIR stands for ‘Institute for International Research’, and has more than 25 years of experience in providing business knowledge through conferences, education programs and in-house training.

About BrandLoyalty: A leader in loyalty

BrandLoyalty is a global market leader in the field of loyalty programmes within the food retail sector. Since 1995, it has developed, organised and implemented more than 2,000 short-term loyalty programmes. In less than twenty years since being founded, BrandLoyalty has grown into a knowledge-intensive organisation operating on a worldwide scale, with over 400 employees active in over 50 countries. In November 2013, Alliance Data acquired 60% of Brand Loyalty’s shares.

Sharing knowledge

Xomnia has shared its knowledge on data visualisation, databases and SQL with BrandLoyalty. Training topics were tailor-made to BrandLoyalty’s specific business cases.

By using our data and tailoring the programme to our needs, the training was extremely relevant to our business. Consequently we had a fully engaged, highly interactive group of employees from all over the world, who are now able to apply and use their newly acquired knowledge.
Ruud Jansen (Senior Customer Insights Analyst - BrandLoyalty)

Besides our trainers, we, Xomnia, would like to thank BrandLoyalty for having given us the opportunity of them being the first customer served via our partnership with IIR. The next step in our joint vision of training (corporate) clients on data science related topics will be our crash course: Data Scientist.