Wed Apr 24 2019

Self-docking boat? Challenge accepted

Innovation is our middle name. With the self-driving boat back for the summer season we’ve set our sights on the next goal:

To have the boat self-dock. We love a good challenge. Xomnia will work on making the boat self-docking by using LIDAR on top of the rest of the setup. If you’re not sure what LIDAR is, it’s a ranging sensor that helps the boat dock successfully without human intervention. ‘’A LIDAR works by firing high-speed pulses of laser light at a surface. A sensor measures the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back. Because light moves at a constant speed, it can calculate the distance between it and an object with incredibly high accuracy. By using this, eventually Xomnia will be able to create a self-docking boat,” said Wouter van Unen, Data Science Intern. If you’re interested in working with us on this project please contact Ollie Dapper so we can make it happen.