Wed Jan 31 2018

NSA meets Xomnia

Great to see these Math students of study association NSA show interest in the #selfdrivingboat project at Xomnia! We talked about Deep Learning and what opportunities lie ahead for these students.

Thanks study association NSA for your visit and your kind words! Hope to see you guys around.

‘Today was very nice! It gave me inspiration about the possibilities after graduating. Very cool to see how people with different interests work together to use big data in a  cool way.’ – Tessel

‘It’s an interesting building – it’s like a house; very cozy and everyone was very open and warm. They answered all our questions. The presentation was very interesting, especially how mathematics can be applied!’ – David

‘Nice presentation; the idea of a self-driving boat is cool. And it was good that we got to know more about big data and data science. Especially because I didn’t know  exactly what some companies are doing’ – Tjardo

‘Lisanne (data scientist) told me that people with different expertise come together at Xomnia. It’s cool to learn about different subjects and disciplines where I wouldn’t have come in contact with due to my mathematical background. The ambiance was  also very ‘gezellig’!’ – Joeltje