Wed Aug 24 2016

The matured Xomnia Talents website is live!

Nearly one year ago, Xomnia started an exciting journey with a new business model: The junior development programme. While Xomnia prepared the organization itself for the new proposition of a fully engaged junior development program, Xomnia's data scientists started developing in-depth data science courses for the juniors. At the same time, the first juniors had to be selected and prepared for their start at the client. Hectic times!

But time has flown by, and this August, Xomnia's third class of 6 junior data scientists has started. An achievement which has had a tremendous impact on the organization, our cozy office, and of course the core team, which was responsible for creating a large part of the training material about Text Mining, RapidMiner, R, Neural Networks, Time Series etc. In addition to courses prepared by the core team, external trainers have come in to give training sessions on computer vision, Hadoop, noSQL, Network Science, and other subjects.

The whole Xomnia team, including the juniors, have had a great impact in making the junior development program as mature as it is nowadays. In one word: admirable! Especially because all this effort went with enthusiasm and positive energy, also from the juniors itself. As an example, some references of juniors of the first class:

What really strikes me is that all the juniors are driven, eager, and pro-active. Everyone is looking to learn as much as possible, which makes for a stimulating and motivating environment. I also like the fact that we have a great deal of influence on the program, allowing me to learn what I want to learn. Oh, and the Friday afternoon drinks are always fun.
Frederik Tijhuis - Delta Energy
The development programme offers us a perfect mix of guidance by senior data-scientists, assistance by fellow juniors and relevant trainings by the best in the field. Plus the opportunity of applying aforementioned to challenging projects.
Laurens Koppenol - ProRail

Besides the admirable achievement of the Xomnia team and the juniors itself, Xomnia is proud to see clients are more than happy as well:

We feel very lucky with our junior. With his open mind and innovative way of working with data he made it possible to make a step forward in a data driven organisation.
Paul Geurts - Gemeente Nijmegen
The senior guidance our junior gets from Xomnia helps both the junior as well as us to brings the use of data science on a higher level within our challenging and complex organization.
Ron Boelsma - Nationale Politie

In order to do justice to this amazing venture, we felt we had to take an extra step: a new website that would tell the story and joy of the Xomnia Data Science development program. With references of clients, juniors, the USPs of the data science program, and pictures of special moments.

Enjoy the website, and start your journey with us!

About Xomnia

Xomnia is an artificial intelligence consultancy company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are experts in data science, data engineering and advanced business intelligence. Our services include: artificial intelligence consultancy & projects, academy training's and junior development program. We'd love to share our knowledge with you, please get in touch.