Thu Apr 06 2017

Aftermovie Xomnia Datathon: create a Safety Monitor

Aftermovie Xomnia Datathon

Every year Xomnia organizes a Xomnia Datathon where 7 study associations come together to work on a case for 24 hours straight, where the purpose is to study and analyze data related to the case.

What is a datathon?

At a datathon multiple teams consisting out of computer engineers, data scientists and experts from other fields come together to work on a case for 24 hours straight. Methods well known in artificial intelligence will be used. A datathon is derived from a so-called hackathon, but in the case of a datathon the focus is more on data rather than on innovation. Fast technological progress in the field of data science and artificial intelligence allows us to tackle bigger, more complex problems. However, there is still a lack of real data scientists. Therefore a datathon is the solution: in a fun and challenging way, people are triggered to come up with the best ideas! The team that uncovers the most interesting patterns or develops the best predictive models will win the datathon!

The case: What is happening now and in the future?

The national police and the Ministry of Safety and Justice keep being surprised by upcoming trends and new phenomena. There is no insight on how to prioritize on different developments. There is a lot of information, but is it all reliable?  The ‘data deluge’ causes institutions to lose sight of the big picture, and makes it easier to lose yourself in the details.

The Solution: A Safety Monitor

A monitor that gives the police and the Ministry an inherent view on safety such that on the level of both policy and operations the right decisions can be made.

The Challenge:

  • Build a prototype/concept monitor.
  • Show new insights or come up with new ideas that give (potential) answers.
  • Be creative: Combine different data sets, and add data yourself

Want to know what the teams built in 24H?

Check out the pitches.