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XomniaNewsXomnia goes Malaysian: Joint Venture on Big Data Business
MIF signing Joint Venture

Xomnia goes Malaysian: Joint Venture on Big Data Business

Xomnia and the Malaysia Infocomm Foundation (MIF) will set up a joint venture to place big data on the map in Malaysia. The MIF is a foundation that helps the Malaysian government realize its objectives for Vision 2020. The Amsterdam big data company Xomnia will, among other things, help to train 20,000 data analysts and 2,000 data scientists.

Malaysia an international hub for big data entrepreneurs

‘The joint venture will support the Malaysian government in building its big data ecosystem,’ says Raja Mazhar. ‘We chose Xomnia as our big data partner because of its knowledge, experience, open culture and leading position in the market. Xomnia invests in young talent through initiatives such as the Data Science traineeship and the Datathon. Such activities will also become important to us. We will create an international hub for big data entrepreneurs. The venture expects to expand its business in the future to the rest of the Asian market.

Educate on a large scale

‘Sharing knowledge is one of the most important foundations of Xomnia,’ says William van Lith, founding partner of Xomnia. ‘Realizing data-driven ambitions on a global scale is our dream. This joint venture is a next step in the exchange of solutions, knowledge and top talent beyond our current services in Europe.’

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