Law enforcement optimisation at the municipality of Amsterdam

Xomnia empowers our organization with newly gained knowledge that is  retrieved out of our own data. We now independently utilise this, without the need of any further technical knowledge or external support.  
Rienk Hoff, Managing Director, Gemeente  Amsterdam, Handhaving en Toezicht

For the municipality of Amsterdam, Xomnia built a user-friendly dashboard to optimise law enforcement. Xomnia harvested data from seven entirely different data sources stored in the municipality’s data silos, such as GPS data from walkie-talkies and text data from fines collected by PDAs and control room reports. The data was reconstructed and interconnected to enable dynamic data  exploring for creating the dashboard.

Xomnia enabled the municipality of Amsterdam to work with data from their silos to retrieve completely new steering information on an operational, tactical and strategical level.

Xomnia has also helped with predictive modeling to enable preventive action which includes:

1. Understanding the elements that lead to certain situations  

2. Scenario analysis: predicting what, where and with which intensity events occur.