Realizing a future proof data and analytics platform in the AWS cloud for EDSN

To future-proof EDSN's ICT we built a flexible cloud architecture on AWS, helping them create the infrastructure for the energy market of the future.

Thanks to Xomnia, EDSN is able to realize a future-proof Data & Analytics Platform in the AWS cloud.
Harm Verschuren, Senior architect by Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN)


Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) develops and operates the Dutch energy data hub on behalf of the Dutch transmission and distribution system operators. The purpose of EDSN is to ensure optimal functioning of the Dutch energy market in transition through uniform communication methods, transparent market processes, and secure data access. On behalf of these system operators, EDSN is developing a reliable and innovative ICT infrastructure for the energy market of the future, realizing the energy transition for a sustainable Netherlands.


Based on different types of use cases, EDSN asked Xomnia to develop AWS cloud architecture for their new Data and Analytics Platform. This new AWS cloud architecture makes it possible to facilitate data distribution through data push. The architecture is based on the Kappa architecture with Kafka as a streaming layer. When designing the AWS cloud architecture, we separated the components using a pipe and filter pattern to ensure maximum flexibility in the future. By tailoring the serving layer to the different use cases, EDSN will be able to supply the data faster and more accurately.


By choosing for cloud agnostic managed services where possible, EDSN is guaranteed to have the ease of a managed service, without losing the option to switch cloud-provider in the distant future.