Thu Jul 14 2022

Shaping the role of an Analytics Translator: A dive into AI's Proof of Value

Xomnia Raamstraat 7 · Amsterdam, NH
Thu Jul 14 202215:30
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The role of an Analytics Translator (AT) arrived at Xomnia in 2018, and - as typical with any new life- was accompanied by some growing pains. In the process, we found out that there was no clear and shared view on what was expected of an Analytics Translator. Therefore, we worked on shaping the role by defining who we are (our skills), what we do (our offerings), and maybe even more importantly: What we are not and do not do. We captured this in Xomnia's AT Playbook.

The July edition of the Data & Drinks Meetup will be an interactive discussion between our ATs, who will share content from our AT playbook, and our attendees, who are encouraged to share their insights about how they give shape to the role of an AT. Subsequently, we zoom in on one specific offering from our AT playbook: the AI proof of value. This will be done with an external guest speaker, whose details will be announced soon.

What do we mean by Proof of Value?
As the saying goes, “Fail fast and fail often”. It’s often forgotten, but failure is always an option. Even though data products will add value according to the business case, the actual value is added once the solution is used by an end user. How do you quantify the effect and ensure that the product brings value to users? And how do you get this proof as early as possible? We will answer these questions by presenting a business case (exact topic TBA).

Who is this event for?
Analytics Translators, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Data Department Managers, AI project / program manager, Strategic AI advisor, etc.

18.00-18.30: Walk-in & dinner
18.30-18.50: Intro Xomnia, AT playbook & offering "Proof of value"
18.50-19.10: Business case "Proof of Value"
19.10-19.30: Exchange experiences regarding "Proof of Value" in groups
19.30-20.30: Borrel

About the speakers:
Lisanne Rijnveld: Lisanne is an Analytics Translator at Xomnia, helping a variety of clients address the “So what?” question of AI. To do this, she acts as an interpreter, speaking the languages of business, data and tech to make sure that data science & engineering teams have clear business goals, and business stakeholders understand the possibilities of data science. This alignment is needed to make sure AI projects produce real, timely, and human-centered benefits - something that’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

Guest speaker: TBA

About the speakers

Lisanne Rijnveld

Data scientist