Thu May 16 2024

Data & Drinks: Data Security with dbt and Pace & Summarizing reviews with GenAI

Raamstraat 7, 1016 XL Amsterdam
Thu May 16 202415:30
Raamstraat 7, 1016 X...
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Join us in the May edition of the Data & Drinks event, where we have two special and very current presentations delivered by our guest speakers: Data Management Consultant at STRM Peter Bruins, and Software Engineer at Aigul Iakupova.

Our free even will take place at Xomnia's HQ in Amsterdam, where we will offer a light dinner, snacks, drinks, and of course a lot of opportunities to mingle and network from data & AI professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.

Presentation summaries:

  • Talk #1: Simplifying Data Security: A Declarative Approach with dbt and PACE

In this talk, Data Management Consultant Peter Bruins will explore the challenges of data security and access, caused by complex data platforms and cumbersome corporate processes (as a quick look through Reddit will confirm). He will present the case for a declarative approach as a smart solution to these challenges, outlining the current barriers to and highlight the benefits of a declarative strategy.

By adopting this strategy, organizations can transition seamlessly from theoretical discussions about data access (where often any advancement is jammed) to practical, scalable implementations. Peter will also consider the needs and concerns across the various personas in the data spectrum, from producers to end-users, data stewards, and privacy and security professionals. He will wrap up with a live demonstration of implementing dbt and PACE (both are OS) within Snowflake or Databricks (tbd).

  • Talk #2: Summarizing reviews with GenAI

This project was born as a perl library and uses GPT for generating hotel description, based on real clients experience. In this talk by Software Engineer Aigul Iakupova, we pick up the last 50 reviews for generating main features.

Speakers' Biographies:

  • Peter Bruins: I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, striving to master some. Above all I'm deeply interested in challenges and complexities involved in using data effectively and ethically. Away from data, I'm cycling or seeking sun, as growing up in Tanzania left me a lasting dislike for Dutch winters!
  • Aigul Iakupova: I am a software engineer with a strong passion for innovative technologies. My beliefs are standing for equality, diversity, inclusion and giving everyone an equal chance. I've worked in the biggest global corporations and would like to share more about interesting projects I had along my journey in data.


  • 17:30-18.30: Walk-ins & dinner
  • 18.30-18.35: Introduction to Xomnia
  • 18:35-19:10: Simplifying Data Security: A Declarative Approach with dbt and PACE by Peter Bruins
  • 19:10-19:20: Break
  • 19.20-20.00: Summarizing reviews with GenAI by Aigul Iakupova
  • 20:00-21.00: Borrel