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Junior development program

Boost your team with our junior data scientists & data engineers.

A one year (detavast) program in which a talented young professional is committed to making an impact at your organisation. An intense full-time program, 4 days per week on-site at your office and every Friday support, development and guidance by our seniors at Xomnias. 

Why Xomnia’s junior development program?

Carefully selected and assessed young professionals (MSc) with relevant work experience, strong technical and communication skills

A tailor-made Bootcamp to bring them up to speed for your organization before they start

Guidance and support on the job by our seniors in a comprehensive, fully-evolved, and proven effective development program

Extensive track record of many long-lasting partnerships with clients, and successful alumni holding leading positions today

Nothing beats the original. Xomnia launched this proposition in 2015 as a key element in its knowledge-sharing culture. By onboarding one of our young professionals, you will get access to the knowledge and experience of our entire team of data scientists, engineers, and analytics translators. 

How it works

Our candidate matching process begins with exploring your team’s data-driven challenges, needs, and requirements. A tailored Bootcamp before the start ensures the young professional delivers immediate added value. Further accelerated by our development program with senior guidance, project support, and training. After one year you have the option to offer a direct employment contract.

Client references 

What our juniors have achieved at our clients

Assisted developing an application on HEMA’s data. The scores of the data are shown on a newly built dashboard which can revolutionise the company’s approach to sales forecasting and budgeting, stock management, in-store and online promotions, and performance management.

Ilse - Junior Data Scientist

MSc. Data Science, University of Amsterdam

Created a dashboard to analyse the potential causes of inland waterway congestion and to predict how long a ship might remain in the Port of Rotterdam. Trained a model in image recognition for inland shipping. Helped automise a process for forecasting.

Emiel - Junior Data Scientist

MSc. Information Studies - Data Science, University of Amsterdam

Helped Tata Steel create a system to ingest data into the company data lake using more reliable and current solutions than the previously relied upon legacy tools.

Auguste - Junior Data Engineer

BSc. Cum Laude. Liberal Arts & Sciences, Amsterdam University College

Assisted Van Lanschot Kempen with building and designing data pipelines and improvements for a recommender model. Designed and developed data pipelines and dashboard for Investment Advisers.

David Suarez - Junior Data Engineer

MSc. Computer Science, University Carlos III de Madrid

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