Fri Mar 13 2015

Xomnia meets G4

Xomnia meets G4

Xomnia 4G

Optimising efficiency and providing better services to citizens are very important topics for every municipal. Being data driven can contribute hugely to these responsibilities.

As Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht hold a leading position on this domain it is important to bring that knowledge together.

Therefore Xomnia initiated the first G4 (4 biggest municipalities) meeting around the theme IGH (Informatie Gestuurd Handhaven) in Amsterdam.

The goal of this meeting was to share insights, knowledge and experience around challenges, pitfalls, failures and successes in being data driven between the municipalities supported by on-topic experts.  A special 'thank you' to the people of Stadstoezicht Amsterdam for hosting this meeting!

As all experienced it as very useful session we decided to make it a quarterly meeting. Each future meeting will have its own theme. The next session will be hosted by The Hague. Interested in joining this quarterly meetings as a municipality? Drop us a line !