Fri Jan 13 2017

Xomnia fights against illegal fishing through artificial intelligence

Facial recognition software is a commonly known tool to help police identify a suspected criminal by using machine learning algorithms. The larger the database the smarter the software becomes. So why don’t we start to use this type of artificial intelligence to fight illegal fishing by detecting and classifying species of fish? That was the thought of The Nature Conservancy and they started a Kaggle challenge.

Kaggle challenge

Kaggle is a crowdsourcing site that uses competitions to advance data science. Together with The Nature Conservancy they challenge data scientist to write a software to identify species of fish. Xomnia wants to preserve our oceans and be part of the solution of illegal fishing. So Kaggle the challenge is on, our Xomnia juniors teamed up.

Xomnia juniors teamed up

Anne Verhulst, Xomnia’s Learning & Development Manager, is excited about the Kaggle challenge:

Xomnia juniors get different courses in the field of Data Science, Data Engineering, Projects, Business and personal development. Everything the juniors learned so far comes together in this challenge. Today the juniors are stimulated to work as a team. It’s so nice to see that they learn a lot from each other and are working hard for the best predictive model to fight against illegal fishing. If the juniors write the winning code for a facial recognition software they get a reward of 50,000 dollar. But more important it is awesome that artificial intelligence can be a solution for such a huge world problem.