Fri Apr 05 2019

Driving autonomously into the future at the United Nations

What an adventure. David Woudenberg presented at a United Nations conference about anticipating the 4th industrial revolution to talk about our self-driving boat project. From a wild idea on a sunny Friday afternoon, to the launch of Shipping Technology, 135 meter long inland ships, and now a visit to Geneva. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved but we still have a long way to go. Working together sparks innovation and ideas to move forward, and this event has done exactly that.

Listening to Federico Carminati from CERN explain quantum computing in 10 minutes to a room of laymen  was both entertaining and inspiring. Aside from the amazing experience of being able to present at an institution like the United Nations, meeting other companies working on autonomous vehicles was amazing.

It was great to hear about research on search and rescue drones, which also try to use cheap and lightweight cameras to operate autonomously. The research of Davide Scaramuzza could be complementary to our work on the self-driving boat. Hearing the opinion of regulators on the viability of autonomous vehicles was a cautionary tale, but their praise of derivative products like collision detection was encouraging.

Thanks for the invitation United Nations!

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