Sun Sep 22 2013

Xomnia's speaking slot at QlikView event

We would like to invite you for an inspiring day out on the  9th of October.

Join us at the Business Discovery World Tour and see how new technologies let you discover, decide and act based on facts.

Xomnia and Active Professionals are excited to fill a one hour speaking slot with the case study Customer Strategy – How to utilize predictive customer analytics?

Organizations have the opportunity to grow by becoming more customer centric – aligning their operating model around the customer to drive an effective market strategy.  A key step in designing a customer centric operating model is to analyse and predict a customer’s future buying behaviour.

Customer data is enriched by social media for profiling to enable customer intelligence and predictive analytics.

Want to get ahead of the competition? Put big data analytics at the heart of your corporate strategy. We will demonstrate how we do this at

Business Discovery World Tour – 9th of October Eindhoven

Here you can also find the (rest of the) agenda, sponsoring partners, information on the speakers and a glance at the 2012 event to give you an impression on what the organisation has in store.