Mon Nov 11 2013

Personal data, the greatest cash crop ever?

Should we see personal (social) data as the greatest cash crop ever?

  • you don't have to plant it
  • it's free to harvest (at least for the time being)
  • it generates profits for a select few, virtually out of thin air.

One important limitation might be privacy. However, what is privacy worth in today's world? Not much, is it? But did the Web kill it or did the NSA? What is privacy, anyway? And if we decide it’s worth preserving, how can we do that?

According to data visionair Jaron Lanier the solution to overcome the privacy issue is that consumers should take back ownership of their data. Basically to compensate them for the data they now give away. But why would those who are making fortunes with their data suddenly decide to pay them for it?

This eye-opening documentary tells you more..