Fri Mar 09 2018

My first month: Discovering the impact of Big Data


I am Sander Baris and I take you on a journey to find out what the impact of Big Data can be for  organisations and how it is to work at Xomnia. A month ago I started my Marketing Communications internship at Xomnia. A Big Data company sounds very interesting right? I love tech innovations, but there is one problem, I do not know a lot about big data, data science, artificial intelligence, big data engineering “the new sexiest job”, deep learning and so forth. Do you?

Good news, during this internship I  will go on a Big Data journey and tell you all about the true story  behind these buzzwords. What is the impact of Big Data in all kinds of organisations?

The first experiences

My first month is fun but challenging, a lot of freedom, but most of all very educational. You can quickly pick up some bits and pieces of how everything works. After I was accepted to the internship I was invited to come with the team to Austria for a ski team bonding adventure, which I wholeheartedly accepted because it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know the juniors and the core team on a personal level. The trip ended up being a lot of fun, amazing weather. Result, I could explain the difference between a data scientist and a data engineer. Score!

“You can compare the Data Engineers to the dutch organisation ProRail. ProRail build the rail infrastructure for the trains to ride on. The NS can use this infrastructure to build models on to make the trains ride, whereby you can compare the NS to the Data Scientists.“ – Thanks to Pieter Boon, he is awesome.

Company appreciation

When we got back I started with a very special project, the thank you wall. The goal: make everyone in Xomnia appreciated for the hard work for the past 5 years. We started taking Polaroid pictures of the whole team, which was already very fun since everyone was willing to take silly poses and were incredibly creative in making each picture different than the last. The wall with personalised envelopes, soon became a wall completely filled with thank you cards. A memorable start of the five year anniversary and a unique experience.

Fridays at Xomnia

Every Friday the juniors come back from their employers to the office of Xomnia for training and the Friday afternoon drinks. During the Friday afternoon drinks, it is very interesting to hear all the stories of what the juniors experienced in their week. Therefore, I think the Friday afternoon drinks are a great addition to the social vibe, to gain knowledge and for my big data journey.

My next blog is coming soon

I am already looking forward to the rest of my internship period at Xomnia! This past first period motivates me even more to develop my soft, hard and even technical skills. Furthermore, I hope to meet many more business contacts to expand my network. Make sure to stay up-to-date with our latest blogs, such as my next internship blog where, by following our social media.