Tue Aug 28 2018

Meet Geert, a Xomnia Junior data scientist

In  the past six months, Xomnia has gotten to know Geert as an enthousiastic young man from Garderen, with a passion for data science, music, healthcare, and cycling. Geert is a Data Science junior with Xomnia, and has been working at Gelre hospitals for half a year now.

Gelre hospitals

Six months marks the halfway point of his junior development year. A perfect moment for a catch-up visit! We asked Geert to tell us a bit about what he is working on.

“I work as a data scientist in the department of sales and marketing, and focus on issues related to efficiency: the goal is to be able to provide affordable healthcare in the future. It’s important that every patient receives the right care. No less, but also no more.

In Gelre hospitals, women with suspected breast cancer are no longer sent to a surgeon, but are sent directly to a radiologist for the right diagnostics. They will undergo the same tests as before, but will receive their results quicker, and the whole process costs less. I contributed by analyzing and linking several of the hospital’s data sources, and creating insights in the effects: does the new process achieve the desired result? And how much does it save annually?

It has been a very exciting time with good results. In the coming six months, I will focus on more of these efficiency projects. For example, I will try to predict patient readmission with the goal to optimize our capacity planning.”

We also dropped by at the office of Rob te Brake, Geert’s manager, and asked him what he thinks about Geert so far.

“Geert is exactly the kind of guy we were hoping for. A fresh mind with a strong technical skillset who thinks and acts along with our organization. His presence really helps us to innovate as a hospital.”

More than a data scientist

Geert is not only a talented data scientist, he does pretty well on the turntables too: he’s been Xomnia’s house DJ during King’s Day and the Gay Pride festivities. And with cycling as his sport of choice, Geert pedalled a good 1000 kilometers this summer in a charity event to raise money for KiKa (Children Cancerfree).

Where is Geert?

We wish Geert all the best during the second half of his junior development year at Gelre! Would you like to know more about our junior development program? Please contact Aniek or read more on our website. Keep an eye on our blogs section to learn more about the experiences of our juniors!