Thu Jul 01 2021

Xomnia Connects Logistics & AI with TIP Trailer Services

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About the event

In this edition of the Xomnia Connects online series, we will dive into the current and future opportunities that data and AI provide to companies in the logistics sector.

During this one-hour event, our CTO Tim Paauw will deliver Xomnia’s sector view on logistics, discussing the latest trends and applications in the world of AI and data within this sector. Based on Xomnia’s years of hands-on experience with clients in this sector, he will also go over the future of supply chain management, the applications of warehouse optimization, the trends in telematics and migration to the cloud, and other hot topics within the logistics industry.

Our second speaker is Christain Payne, the Digital and Connected Services Operations Leader at TIP Trailer Services. TIP Trailer Services is a multinational provider of truck and trailer leasing, rental, maintenance, and sales services and one of Xomnia’s clients. Christian will introduce us to the ‘TIP Insights’, a new service that aims to give the company an edge over its competition. He will do that by going over TIP Trailers Services’ experience with using telematics systems to build two solutions from the ground up to automate customer on-boarding and off-boarding processes, and access and use data about their trailers in real-time.


  • 16:00: opening by Mark Booster
  • 16:05: talk by Tim Paauw
  • 16:25: Q&A
  • 16:30: talk by Christain Payne
  • 16:55: Q&A
  • 17:00: closing by Mark Booster

About the speakers

Tim Paauw


Christain Payne

Digital and Connected Services Operations Leader