X-Force projects

A multidisciplinary team of our best data professionals

Launching new data-driven product development internally can be a hardship. X-Force teams bring perspective and expertise to new or entrenched AI related development challenges and rapidly delivers solutions that will catalyse your business process. Simply put, X-Force is a team of our best Data Scientists, Engineers and Analytics Translators, available to take on project-based challenges to deliver valuable, deployable products. Our teams are trained to interpret your business needs, then work collaboratively to develop and implement data-driven products that increase efficiencies and prove the added value to your business.

Why X-Force?

Multidisciplinary team

X-Force teams combine the skills of an analytics translator, data scientist and data engineer to interpret, analyse and build you the perfect solution. Our teams run Agile sprints leading to rapid deployment of products. From big data problems to machine learning models, we can help.

Production pipeline

From the idea and concept phase to data analysis, data collection, and product deployment, X-Force teams will lead you through a proven process. Expect rapid deployment of quality products tailored to your environment. We'll build tools that change your business process.

Deep collaboration

Understanding your business needs and work style is crucial to our success. We work closely with you to achieve maximum business value. We aim to create more than a product. We build institutional knowledge and capacity by sharing our approach and development process.

Our way of working

X-Force teams run agile sprints to maximize responsiveness to business needs and continuously add value. We excel at quick prototyping, zeroing in on business value and reliable infrastructure builds.

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