Xomnia is a word combining the letter ‘X’ – the unknown – and “Omnia” – Latin for everything. Our team of data scientists and big data engineers are trained to find the undefined – X – in all the relevant data sources – Omnia. This unknown – X – is untapped business value. Combining the X and Omnia you get the Xomnia spirit. Eager, curious and dedicated people, who have the belief that the future is big data.

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XomniaTrainingsInspiration session
  • In consultation - In consultation
  • Incompany or Xomnia HQ
  • €1250

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Inspiration session

Dream big on Big Data

Wonder how your business could be transformed by Big Data? Curious how your competitors and other industries are driving change through Big Data/ML/AI?

In this two and a half hour inspiration session we share examples of other data science use cases, and run a mini-visioning session to help you begin to think about applying Big Data Solutions to your business. This is a creative exercise run by people who know data – we’ll create firm guidelines to move you towards future use-cases.

Learning Goals:
Understand general applications for Big Data/ML/AI
– Internalize specific use-cases in existence to foster creativity
– Develop a framework for visioning data solutions

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  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning