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XomniaTrainingsDocker for Data Scientists
  • 09:30 - 13:00
  • Xomnia HQ
  • €400

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Docker for Data Scientists

“It works on my machine”. There can be lots of friction when developing, deploying and running code in a production system. The discrepancy between environments can lead to non-deterministic results. Docker puts all your applications along with their environment into containers so they can easily be shipped to production, solving a whole range of other problems, such as reliability, scalability, reproducibility.

This course takes a hands-on approach to teach the essentials of Docker, with focus on the data scientist’s workflow. You will create your own Dockerfiles, build docker images and spin-up some containers, so that you can feel confident to say, that your analytics results are reproducible by other data scientists and that your predictive models are easy to deploy.


  • Docker
  • Bash / Command Line
  • Docker-compose
  • Kubernetes


  • Deployment
  • Containerizing

Requirements: The course requires basic knowledge of the command line and bash scripting.

  • Big data engineering
  • Container
  • Deployment
  • Docker
  • Production
  • Service