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XomniaTrainingsData Awareness Kickstarter
  • In consultation - In consultation
  • Incompany or Xomnia HQ
  • €2500

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Data Awareness Kickstarter

Big data understanding for you non-data staff

What is data? How should your marketers and other ’non-data’ staff collaborate with your data team to drive results?

This half day training focuses on teaching non-data staff the fundamental capabilities of data science. For companies that have a data-driven strategy in place, it’s important for all employees to be aligned in understanding goals, processes, and limitations.  It’s a great chance for employees outside of data science and analytics departments to learn about data so that they can collaborate more effectively with data teams.

Learning goals:

  • Establish a shared reference framework of Big Data Analytics, methods and techniques.
  • Understand possible applications of Big Data Analytics in your work.
  • Learn about  successful applications of Big Data in other industries and translate into your own field.

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  • Data Science
  • Data awareness