Use Case Discovery

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How do you translate stakeholders needs into a use case? What does a data science use case roadmap look like? What are the different roles within a Big Data project and what are best-practices for team management?

In this one day training we cover how to successfully launch a use-case including how to define the problem, develop a business case and use-case roadmap, and effectively work with a team on execution. This training is for teams that have taken their first steps towards data integration but need support in developing effective process management. This training can include outside stakeholders.

Learning goals

  • Conceptually understand data science projects and use case framework
  • Understand how to develop a business case and data science use case roadmap.
  • Learn best-practices for team management during an analytics project

Required knowledge


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On demand
Xomnia, Raamstraat 7-I, 1016 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands
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