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In an increasingly digital world, cyber security is of the utmost importance. We start by looking at the history of the ‘hacker culture’ and hacking in general. Subsequently, we explore different (types of) vulnerabilities, how they are exploited by attackers, their implications and how to mitigate the risks. Furthermore, we will be getting hands-on with some of these vulnerabilities by trying to exploit them ourselves.

Learning goals

We will see in what ways malicious actors exploit computer systems, what methods ‘the good guys’ employ to stop them and what you can do yourself when designing and implementing systems. More importantly however, we will try to gain an understanding for the ‘hacker way’ of thinking, and make you think about your own designs from the attacker's perspective, with the goal that you get a feel for (potentially) dangerous design patterns. Next to that, we take a look at how to discuss and communicate about existing or new vulnerabilities and how to handle when finding them.

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of computer networking and web technologies, some basic SQL knowledge is helpful.

Training information

On demand
Xomnia, Raamstraat 7-I, 1016 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands
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