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Where there is code, there is version control (hopefully). Where there is version control, there is Git. In this training you will dive into the Version Control System that is Git. Collaborating or simply using it to backup your code, developing features and/or rolling back versions, Git facilitates all! You will get a theoretical explanation of how Git works, and gain (hands-on) experience with the core concepts, as well as different branching models, merging strategies and workflows.

Learning goals

Understand the philosophy behind and the behavior of Git, being able to create, modify, branch, merge your code while understanding the consequences of such actions. On the way, build a dummy repository to mess around with. See the outcome of each action listed above, and perform real life collaboration.

Required knowledge

Little experience with the command line interface (bash). We will use the CLI to work with Git.

Training information

On demand
Xomnia, Raamstraat 7-I, 1016 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands
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