Tue Sep 17 2019

Xomnia’s X-Force is revolutionising artificial intelligence for business operations

Xomnia has defined the data science project organisation 2.0. The X-Force is a new approach to develop and implement value-creating artificial intelligence driven solutions.

“We developed this approach to support organisations in their challenge to become truly data driven by building and deploying artificial intelligence models that add business value,” says Ollie Dapper, Founding Partner, Xomnia.

The X-Force is a multidisciplinary A-Team that brings together data engineers and data scientists who are  experts in their field. Critical to their success is the analytics translator, who helps bridge the gap between an organisation’s business goals and its technical capabilities.

It’s a proven approach based on best  practices in the field and the many projects that Xomnia has delivered  in the Netherlands and the EU.

Since launching in early 2019, the X-Force has helped KLM develop a new prediction model to streamline operations and stay ahead of flight delays. Pharmaceutical giant Teva now has a recommendation tool for customising  and optimising pharmacy orders after collaborating with the X-Force.  And, Xomnia’s X-Force is at the helm alongside Shipping Factory, in  their joint venture Shipping Technology, to bring autonomous shipping to inland waterways.

Xomnia Analytics Translator Robin van den Brink will explain how the X-Force has delivered data-driven solutions that truly add business value to these companies in his expert session, organising your advanced analytics projects for success.

“While talking with our clients and prospects, we noticed that many find it difficult to deliver business value with artificial intelligence and implement data driven solutions. There are a lot of company specific challenges, but when we dug deeper and analysed the  problems we found that most fall back to a number of core issues,” says van den Brink.

“We introduced a new proposition, the X-Force, to overcome these issues and help companies deliver value with data on a day-to-day basis. During the Big Data Expo we will share our  secrets explained via real world use cases.”

Additionally, Xomnia will demonstrate exactly how the X-Force holds up to their A-Team claims in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht Exhibition Hall. Head to spot 54 or just look for the famous A-Team van.