Tue May 10 2022

Xomnia’s Academy Launches Hybrid Training Programs

We’re transitioning the Xomnia Academy to a hybrid format, revising our curriculum to make it more visually appealing, interactive, engaging and suitable for the short attention span of online students.

As we transition to the post-pandemic world, leaving behind social distancing, masks, and lockdowns, many are wondering what will be the long-lasting effects of the past two-and-a-half odd years. Will we continue to work and study remotely, or will we go back to big lecture halls, offices, and training centers?

At Xomnia's Academy, we see both sides, and therefore choose to offer the benefits of both worlds: Online recorded classes in addition to interactive, in-person or online classes.

“This transition to hybrid education results in a more user-centric approach to designing the courses. A long slide deck of three hours is no longer acceptable, and material must be broken down to facilitate explaining and consuming knowledge. Furthermore, we made sure to make our recorded material more visual and less text-heavy,” comments Inbal Shofty, Lead Trainer at Xomnia’s Academy.


Our revamped training programs offer the theory parts of the curriculum as pre-recorded classes, which can be consumed by users at their own time and pace. Currently, our Academy is offering training programs on the topics of data storytelling, data product development, responsible AI, introduction to data science and introduction to data engineering.

Tailored experience with a human touch

We remain keen, however, on keeping the human touch within our training tracks, which offers a great opportunity to network, connect, ask questions and share experiences. For this reason, following theory sessions, Xomnia’s trainers will meet students for a tailor-made, interactive workshop, filled with exercises and case studies based on each of our clients' needs.

“While we’re keen on including the most relevant and current material from the field of data in our curriculum, we also make sure to keep parts of the training open for input from our clients, to make sure that our training is relevant to the teams and industries that we are working with,” adds Inbal.

Moreover, to maintain the interactivity of our training programs, we offer many short quizzes and exercises along the course, to keep our students engaged and active. If you are curious to know more, visit our online learning platform or get in touch directly with Inbal via email.

About the Xomnia Academy

Xomnia Academy provides training programs designed to help companies and professionals explore the full potential of data and AI within their industries, teaching professionals about the foundations of the data-driven mindset and beyond. Over 200 private and government entities have already benefited from Xomnia Academy’s training programs. Click here to learn more.