Thu Jun 20 2019

Xomnia's X-Force project teams have liftoff!

Many organisations struggle to effectively execute their data-driven strategy at an operational level. Even with a strong in-house big data team, projects still rarely reach the implementation phase. And if they do so, they almost never meet the desired time-to-market, budget or value proposition.

Strange huh… Well, maybe not. Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are commonly associated with automating things that simplify people’s lives. For the businesses working on it behind the scenes, it’s often complicated, doesn’t have a clear-cut solution, and spans different business teams and disciplines. Making sense of these complicated problems requires not just experience in production-scale data solutions, but also expertise  in business analysis. Alongside that, we believe it is important to have someone to bridge the gap between operational and technical expertise to develop solutions that truly make an impact for an organisation. For exactly that reason Xomnia is launching X-Force 6 years after delivering its first big data solutions to market. We’ve learnt a lot since our  first years, we’ve honed our skills, and we are very eager to share that  knowledge and capacity with the world.

The X-Force project team is a multidisciplinary A-Team that brings together an analytic translator, data engineers and data scientists who are experts in their field. A team with just one  mission: executing your data-driven strategy all the way to production to drive the impact that you are looking for. We provide concrete  solutions and share our knowledge during the process.

We have proven that our approach works at organisations like airline KLM, pharmaceutical giant TEVA, Schadegarant and our own autonomous shipping venture Shipping Technology. We are keen on proving the same to you.

Check it out here!