Thu Sep 10 2020

A successful summer transfer window!

We are excited to share that during the summer transfer window we have strengthened our core team with no less than five new colleagues to be announced now, and a few that will follow soon! A warm welcome to Rick Bruins (Data Science Lab), Ilse Lankhorst (HEMA), Andrey Kudryavets (VONQ), Jorn Peters (Ph.D. UvA), and the king of the Rubik's cube Mats Valk! Our Brazilian friend Marcus Azevedo made a transfer on the opposite side and continues his data adventure at HEMA. Tudo de bom Marcus, we’ll miss you!

For all (medior and senior) data scientists and data engineers open to new adventures, we will be very active in the market this autumn and winter season too, so no worries! If you have what it takes to be at the forefront of the data-driven revolution, make sure to reach out to us! Juliana and Aniek are happy to take you on your data-driven journey with us!