Thu Aug 27 2020

Is it possible to determine the efficiency of the transfer process?

Is it possible to determine the efficiency and comfort of the transfer process on train stations? This information can substantiate the implementation of targeted and proactive measures for capacity planning of the tracks. That is why Xomnia is working together with ProRail to resolve capacity limitations in railway infrastructure. Curious for more? Just keep reading!

The estimated number of train commuters is expected to increase by more than 30% in the next ten years. To make this growth viable, a number of capacity limitations in (train) infrastructure will have to be resolved. Some of these issues include energy supply and human error. Transfer capacity at a busy station will become a possible capacity limitation.

If the transfer capacity is insufficient on parts of the platform, or the entire platform, then this will have consequences for public safety (more people means more congestion) and travel time (due to delays).

Xomnia and ProRail are currently developing analysis models to gain insight into what part of the transfer process improvement is needed on the platforms. Examples of enhancements at stations could be widening the platform or moving the amenities. The model focuses on efficiency and comfort, thereby making the priority of the project to get passengers from A to B as securely as possible.

Even though safety is the priority, it can also have a great impact on the other limitations in transportation. Limitations such as [a] efficiency in the transfer process and [b] the comfort of the commuters can also be addressed. The intensity of the increase in travellers by train will define the future of railway efficiency and ProRail and Xomnia are at the forefront to optimise it!

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